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Rothfink Ride ~ Miss D

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After long communication with Jason at Rothfink Industries over someday making a video together, Jason set up a videoshoot with Lewis Savage’s amazing, character filled 1963 Ragtop Beetle – named Miss D. Lewis’ Beetle had just been in Ultra VW’s latest magazine at the time (March 2014) and we were eager to capitalise on the recent publication and further showcase off Miss D.

It was an early 10am start so the Mrs and I set off around 8:30am for the one hour and thirty minute drive north to the Kettering area. Lewis said that we would see his car when we were near and sure enough he was there just along the kerb, not on it, but just shy off touching it. I pulled up in front, got out of the car and walked towards this mad crazy Beetle, it was slammed to the deck and I had never seen anything so low and static ever. I eagerly jogged to the driver’s side then released that it was a european German vehicle and skipped around to the passenger side. I got up to his door, expecting Lewis to pop out with a greeting of some sort but I was met with a humble smirk and “I can’t open the door!” through the window. He opened the door and kissed the kerb with it – “I’m too low and the door won’t open!” We both laughed as he wound down his window for a handshake. After some route planning we headed down the road that was just opposite which would soon lead us to a burned, abandoned stately house.

The Cartier – Style et Luxe

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Wow, wow, wow. Beautiful cars were everywhere at the Cartier Style et Luxe concours d’elegance. Shame we couldn’t spend all day taking video of these cars, some of which I will probably never see again in the flesh/metal… that’s unless I go again this year, which lets be honest is a pretty strong possibility.

The sun was out and it was humid as anything, I had to take a break pretty much after every car and try and compose a shot, then wiping my brow and swigging some water. I would highly recommend this great car show for any car enthusiast. Enjoy.

The Cartier – Style et Luxe from Laroza on Vimeo.

Presenting DJ Complexion and his Future Beats Show

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Here’s a little video I put together for the talented DJ Complexion. Shot in his WestSide Radio Batcave, with my Canon, 30mm 1.4 and a monopod. This gave me a chance to concentrate more on composition and to get to grips with the monopod – to which I will start to use more at social event videos. Kick back, relax and enjoy:

South Mimms – Honda Meet

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This was shot back in April 2013 and for some reason I didn’t edit, time passed and as more videos came out about the event I slowly forgot about it. Looking back at the footage there was a large variety of newer EP Civic’s and only a handful of EG and my favourite EF based Civics. I decided to concentrate on the later and focus on the older Honda’s most of which are part of the 4GUK collective.

The video features a few sections slowed down, mostly on drops and really to let the viewer take in the car in more detail as some vids normally flick in cars too fast that you usually forget about them. Overall a nice quick edit that didn’t take too long. Enjoy!

South Mimms ~ Honda Meet from Laroza on Vimeo.

Prept Showdown – Brands Hatch

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This show was actually in 2013 and one of the last shows of the year. It was a small show but still had some great cars on offer also got to go around the track with a mate. I decided whilst I’m doing nothing I might as well be doing something! So I sat down and put something together. Nice and quick edit, not too much colour correction, chose the song to suit and I’m happy with it! Woohoo

Prept Showdown – Brands Hatch from Laroza on Vimeo.

Edge Automotive’s 1996 Mazda RX-7 Show Car

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Not normally the kind of car I go for but this was just posed in the middle of the hanger and accessible from all angles with the camera so I thought why not! I didn’t have much time getting footage but I thought I better get enough just to put even a 1 minute video together. I didn’t have a lot of shots so with this video I ran the footage through Twixtor to get some slow motion.

Edge Automotive’s – 1996 Mazda RX-7 from Laroza on Vimeo.

1975 W115 Mercedes Benz @ Players Show, North Weald

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Was so tired but managed to get some footage of this beautiful Mercedes that I first saw on the Speedhunters website.

1975 W115 Mercedes Benz from Laroza on Vimeo.

Bruges ~ Belgium

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I’ve never thought of going to Belgium, let alone going to Bruges but a few years ago I watched In Bruges. It was a nice little film and Bruges looked intriguing. This summer I also did a little road trip to the Nurburgring in Germany and on the way passed through Belgium, it was only an hour away from Calais so a thought of visiting Bruges ran through my mind. I ran the idea past Janice and she jumped at the idea, so we booked the Euro Tunnel and booked a little bed and breakfast just outside of Bruges. We set off mid July and was blessed by great weather, we were going to head there with the roof down on the Mazda but it was too hot! All in all it was a beautiful city to visit for the weekend, not too far and not too close, loads to see and hear and lots of memories to be had. If you have a car and anywhere remotely close, do it!

I decided to bring along the camera and test out the Manfrotto B62B-1 Monopod much to Janice’s dismay. I had a few lenses on me but had to chose at the beginning of the day what I was to carry as I did not want to carry the whole kit. I think it’s safe to say that if I brought my whole kit I would have totally missed the point of the trip – which was to relax, enjoy the city and spend time with the other half. This is for you Jan, hope it brings back those memories!

Bruges ~ Belgium from Laroza on Vimeo.

My lap at the Nurburgring

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Still can’t believe I went… definitely going back next year. Here’s a video using the GoPro of my last lap with my mate Chris in the passenger seat. Two things – I spelt Nurburgring – Nurburging and I totally loved the lap, even if it wasn’t perfect. Totally recommend to any petrol head!

Players Classic Show @ Goodwood Motor Circuit

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I’d been looking forward to this show for quite some time and it was a chance to try filming a different automotive scene. I must say all the cars were top notch and it was a nice and chilled event. Definitely going to the next event. Managed to turn around the video in a few days which I’m very happy with, just need to keep the momentum going. Enjoy!

Players Classic @ Goodwood Motor Circuit from Laroza on Vimeo.