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TRON – Lawn Bowls

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Well after the tutorial by Pariah Studios I literally haven’t stopped experimenting in Cinema 4D. I have also recently been following the works of James White at Signalnoise.com and was instantly inspired by his amazing Tron Legacy posters. So I thought I’d combine the tutorial I previously done and use inspiration from Mr White and create a Tron scene, but with a little difference. I thought it would just be random if in the world of Tron you had some old timers just playing lawn bowls, so I decided to create a scene.

It was pretty fun to do but took a long time getting the reflections and textures right. I’m probably going to expand on the theme and create other random objects that would live in the Tron ‘world’ so to speak.

More Reflections & GI in Cinema 4D

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Still reeling from a previous tutorial I decided to continue to experiment as I’ve never really played around with reflections and Global Illumination in Cinema 4D. So much fun!

Reflections and GI – Pariah Studios Tutorial

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So I need to brush up on my Cinema 4D skills and the c0nartiste led me to Pariah Studios where I tried out one of his tutorials on reflections and global illuminations:

The only changes I really made was to add a whole load more objects and I really wanted to play with the depth of field as I’ve been playing a lot with the aperture settings on my camera. I really need to remember the workflow as there’s quite a bit to remember!

Bonde Do Role – Music Video

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One snowy Sunday afternoon. Kornelius was listening to some Bonde Do Role… “This would make an awesome video!” he thought to himself. So that’s what he made.

Using the one of Bonde Do Role’s tracks entitled Caminhao de Gas (I have no idea what it means!) I used some animated 3d using Cinema 4d, some green screen footage recorded over a year ago and complied together in Final Cut Pro. I think next time I’ll use After Effects as there’s much more control for keying and layering… anyhoo enjoy!

Computer Arts Projects – Street Art Tutorial

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So today I spent £13 on magazines! Somethings telling me I should just get a subscription!(Damn that sounds so american!) Anyhoo now that I work I can afford to invest in things and these magazines by Computer Arts are AWESOME! They provide a great insight into digital art, with good articles, tutorials, trial software and a whole lot more! Definitely an investment as now I’ve graduated, to evolve outside a teaching institution is often difficult, these magazines as well as a constant look out on developing styles and technologies on the web is essential.

Today I tried a tutorial on graffiti inspired 3d tagging. So I decided to create a tag for Kornelius.


Then taken into Illustrator


THEN into Cinema 4d where I extruded the path and then decided to experiment…

Cinema 4d

Then I got carried away so that you couldn’t even recognize the tag, instead it turned into a experimental 3d piece with lots of effects. It took 5 minutes to render just one frame… I think this means I have to consider a faster MAChine!

Final 3d