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MITP – Mini In The Park 2010 – Photos

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After going to sleep late on the Saturday I woke up super duper early to go to MITP or Mini In The Pod at Santa Pod Raceway. It wasn’t as busy as I expected, I think the previous day’s weather put people off but it happened to be a pleasant day, nice and relaxed! So I took the opportunity to take only a few photos as previous shows I’d go crazy snapping away. Here are a few shots that I edited, I think these were the best shots of the day.

Vauxhall Mini

Concours Mini

Orange Cabriolet

Mini Roadster

To see the rest of the photos in the set click >>> MITP – Mini Show <<<

I’m also famous… kinda…

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So Wednesday went a little something like this:

I originally was told that they would use my mini for the feature on the Mini 50th Birthday on Channel 5’s News on the Tuesday night and I said that I could go down to their studios near Gillette Corner at 9:30am. So the I gave the Mini a quick wash.

The next morning I woke at 8am and got a call at 8:30 saying that they might not use my Mini now as they managed to find someone with an older Mini and 6 others!!! I was pretty much trumped! They said they’d call back and confirm… So I thought… might aswell shower and shave just in case and then got another call at 9:20am from the producer saying that they went with the older Mini (and 6 others). Then the lady (Emma) started chatting and said that all they need now is 5 other drivers for the other Mini’s. As I had nothing else to do (or really had nothing else planned!) I suggested that I could drive one! She was taken aback at first and asked if I was serious and then said that they could pay for petrol and so off my Dad and I went to Basingstoke!

We left at 10:30ish and arrived around an hour later and was greated by 3 Mini’s already posing and when they saw my Mini they said that they wanted to use mine too!!!


I was proper stoked!


Dad had a fun time talking to the owner (well the husband of the owner) about the ‘older’ Mini’s and we just waited until they did their opening sequence and we jumped in our Mini’s and went to film some moving shots. I was in my Mini, Matt (the presenter) took the Surf Blue Cooper and Tim (owner) took the later red Mini with the cameraman following in the Mercedes Mobile Film Studio Super Duper Van. We did a quick remake of the Mini’s hiding in the Car Sales plot in the Italian Job and then went to a park to do some more filming and driving on gravel (really tested my Mini! Poor thing) there were so many ditches and craters but thought “Ah whatever!” Matt seemed to driving the hell out of the Surf Blue!!!

Here’s a pic of the Mercedes Van:



As Matt was interviewing Tim I took a quick piccy of my Mini:


Then we headed off to do more random driving filming! At one point we manged to lose the cameraman! We headed back to base camp to drop off the Mini’s… then came my turn to do as much name dropping and try out my acting skills!

I remember Matt asking me random questions and I was surprised that he didn’t have a list of questions! (I guess that’s why he’s a professional) He led me down “What does your girlfriend think…”, “Why do you have yellow lens covers…” , “Why a Mini…” then eventually “Why do people buy Mini’s?” There was about 5 minutes of babbling and at one point I even remember saying that “I chose the Mini over a VW Beetle because the Mini has a heater… but the heater is poop!”

In the end the 4 hours of filming got condensed into a 2 minute report at 5pm on the Channel 5 news. Twas an interesting day and it would’ve been good if we as a club could’ve been filmed instead, but alas everyone works! Cheers for Alec for the heads up and I’ll hopefully get a copy of the recorded film from the Emma the producer or from one of my mates that Sky Plus’d it!


I also fill, sand, prep, spray, drill, rivet… my mini.

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For the last two weeks I’ve also been replacing my old arches on my Mini (BiMU) and fitting older/rally style arches! It has taken so long and I would spend an average of 6 hours a day for 2 weeks sanding, filling, sanding, spraying, polishing, drilling, riveting, hammering, head scratching, tummy rumbling, thirst quenching and more polishing! But what can I say it’s my hobby! And the best part of it is I get to use my mini all the time!

I do however need to hit some parts and adjust some thingy majiggy’s because now it’s just to damn low and the rear wheels scrape on the arches! But in my head I’m thinking “I’m pimpin!”. I picked up my mum from work today from the airport I normally do this as A. it’s my mum! B. there’s a tunnel one needs to drive through to get to Heathrow Airport! So tunnel + twin exhaust = LOADS OF NOISE! On the way back we were stopped at some traffic lights and I see a boy racer in a pretty nice lowered VW Polo smoothed out and on race rims in my rear view mirror. It pulled up on my left and then started creeping forward… only reason why people creep forward is either their in a rush or trying to check something out. The car pulls right next to me and he winds down his window and starts looking over up and down… the only reason why I know this is because my mum turns to me and says “He’s looking at your mini!” I turn to my mum and say “If I look at him that means we race!” LOL! Owning a mini has it’s ups and downs and if you know me then you know the downs! But today I’m happy with the ups!

Here’s a before pic:


And here’s a after pic! Oh yeah there’s a rear roll cage too!


And the mini adventure continues…

Even more GRRRRage…

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Well not as bad as that… but pretty much close to it! Last week it rained… and as I now know… mini’s do not like rain… especially into the grill… I got my mini started and started heading down an A-Road and i heard chugging… I thought this ain’t good… Approached a round-a-bout… and there was still chugging… Still not good. I managed to get onto the round-a-bout and then *fum* car just went dead.

It had been raining… I had a cold… actually i still had a cold and still have. So i had to push the mini around the round-a-bout… plus my hazard lights arent working… Doubley doo-doo…

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated… My mini broke down on me again… same problem… its parked on a side road… lonely… I just need to be able to drive the mini in rain or shine…

People have pointed to the distributor. So Ive tried my best to sheild it from the rain. The coil looks pretty exposed too… i’ll take a pic tomorrow… Im also wondering if its the wiring… I might have to redo them or tape them up so no connections get wet.

What do I do people!?


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Well as some of you may know I now own a Mini… BiMU to be exact!


I got him for a cool £2270 the barginning was harsh and fast, but I do feel like I got a real gem. Dad went all the way to Middlesborough to collect him. But this week I think I had the most trumatic time with BiMU and it all happend on my local round-a-bout. BiMU decided to cut out as I started going around… to top it off the hazard lights do not work, it was pissing down with rain, rush hour and I was just recovering from a bout with a cold (I won)… But I did manage to push BiMU all the way around thanks to a tow truck that was holding up traffic deliberately just so I could push the little one around. *PHEW* lucky it was a mini anything bigger and I would’ve needed a bit of help. So my dad and I over the next few weeks will endevour to fix the problems: mechanical, electrical and cosmetical (if that word even exists!) Stay tuned folks!!!