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Rothfink Ride ~ Miss D

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After long communication with Jason at Rothfink Industries over someday making a video together, Jason set up a videoshoot with Lewis Savage’s amazing, character filled 1963 Ragtop Beetle – named Miss D. Lewis’ Beetle had just been in Ultra VW’s latest magazine at the time (March 2014) and we were eager to capitalise on the recent publication and further showcase off Miss D.

It was an early 10am start so the Mrs and I set off around 8:30am for the one hour and thirty minute drive north to the Kettering area. Lewis said that we would see his car when we were near and sure enough he was there just along the kerb, not on it, but just shy off touching it. I pulled up in front, got out of the car and walked towards this mad crazy Beetle, it was slammed to the deck and I had never seen anything so low and static ever. I eagerly jogged to the driver’s side then released that it was a european German vehicle and skipped around to the passenger side. I got up to his door, expecting Lewis to pop out with a greeting of some sort but I was met with a humble smirk and “I can’t open the door!” through the window. He opened the door and kissed the kerb with it – “I’m too low and the door won’t open!” We both laughed as he wound down his window for a handshake. After some route planning we headed down the road that was just opposite which would soon lead us to a burned, abandoned stately house.

The Shuttle Run

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Haven’t posted anything in a very long time! Thought it was time to do so and introduce the Shuttle!

Showreel Portfolio – Delivered

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And it finally came and it looks sweet. Now lets see if I can do some good with them!

Grid Systems

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Just received Grid Systems by Josef Muller-Brockmann and I must say it is a very good read so far. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve read! Its available on amazon.co.uk If you’re heavily into your graphical layout and want to know the science behind it… DO IT!

Showreel Portfolio – Ordered from iPhoto

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Put it together in iPhoto, nice and simple. So nice that I had to order 2! I may have to use iPhoto again to create different portfolio’s for my different skills.

Colab… To be continued.

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Chinese Style Dragon

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So my friend Tino popped over with his two boys (later followed by his wifey!) He brought over a little drawing that he wanted to get vectored out for his Mum’s B&B in Blackpool for Chinese Takeway that they offer. Tino has always been good at drawing and brought this sketch:

Click to enlarge images:

Then I took it into Illustrator, where I showed Tino how to trace an image. He did a 2 hour stint which is pretty awesome for his first time. To where I then finished it off and added colours and shading Manga stylee!

Here is the sketch and the finished piece.

Then we tried out a few different layouts for the banner that will eventually go on the front of their B&B.

Then at the end of the day I thought I’d take a polaroid picture of The Humans (their surname). The boys Logan and Raiden (yes named after Wolverine and Raiden the lightning dude) Look at their faces! Jackie seems to be the only sane one… so far! Love em!

Picture upload testing via Blackberry

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Just thought I’d see how this would turn out… Now I guess I can blog on the move!

2010 so far…

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Went to Philippines… came back. Awesomeness. Anyhoo I thought it was about time to update the blog a little of what I had been working on for the last few months (damn it’s been a long time since I last updated!). So here we go:

Here’s an idea for a t-shirt for LDNmeetsMNL. The idea was based upon the staple footwear in the Philippines and probably other countries that have average temperatures of 30degrees and above during the year!

Initial drawing

I’ve also been toying with the idea of setting up a little Mini club (excuse the pun). When you ask a real Original Mini owner what wheels the Mini was designed for and what looks the best, they’ll most likely reply ‘Tens’ referring to the size of the wheel! So yes that’s 10inches! Where you see car’s roll on 17’s and up, the Mini looks best with 10’s! So here we go:

I’ll hopefully print of these and have them ready for the summer Mini events this year!

I also tried out some vintage effects made popular by Lomo cameras. I found a few tutorials here Vintage Effects Sometimes its cheaper to use Photoshop rather than by a Lomo!



I also tried the same technique with the Chris & Lani who recently got married in Boracay, Philippines!



I’ve also had the chance to work with a corporate company 78 York Street and put together some business paraphernalia. Here are some business card designs:

So I guess that’s a snippet of what I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year. Lets see what I else I can get done, hopefully the next update will be a couple of months… but if I do something random… it’s definitely getting posted up.

This is how I work

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This is how I work. It’s a bit extreme today. I have Iron Man playing in the background, while researching online. I also have iTunes there just in case and obviously working on some prep work for college for the next day!

Picture 1